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From farm gate to factory door

CT Pulses, trading as a leading player in the international origination, processing and trading of dry edible pulses (peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas) and other ‘agricultural special crops’ including sesame seeds and raw cashew nuts.

We focus on working with farmers at the point of production, adding value and servicing industrial end-users in destination markets. We put great emphasis on product quality, performance integrity and service commitment to both suppliers and customers.


Red Lentil

Direct personal presence in producer and consumer markets is essential for operating effectively and efficiently in frequently fluctuating ¬ markets. Backed by a network of partners we regularly supply our customers and partners at origin with timely information regarding market trends and significant developments.

Through close contact with our suppliers and regular audits of their factories, we guarantee constant compliance of quality standards to our customers. Our strong market position enables our customers to benefit in terms of purchase price and purchase conditions.

We offer superior quality red lentils in variety of packaging for both football and split varieties.

The dehulled red lentils are consumed around the world in two forms which are the footballs (whole form) or in split form. Red lentils are easy to cook and are eaten for their high nutritional value and capability to provide proteins that are equivalent to proteins present in meat. CT supplies excellent quality red lentils from finest farms in Australia, Turkey and Canada.

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